Christmas Advent For My Home

Christmas Advent For My Home | 24 days to a peaceful Christmas home |

When I was a small child my grandparents brought us little chocolate advent calendars from Germany for Christmas.  Another countdown was a quilted candy cane that my mother made,  with one candy each day for the 24 days in December leading up to Christmas.  In a family of six siblings, somehow we survived the exquisite torture of waiting [Read More]

What Really Matters

What Really Matters |

Once upon a time I was the world’s expert builder of towers from dishes.  I hated to stop to dry them, so I stacked them carefully and creatively as high as I could in the drain board, dish balanced precisely upon dish. This gift for dish balancing is apparently not genetic.  Many years later my son [Read More]

Light & Fresh Black Bean Taco Salad

Light and Fresh Black Bean Taco Salad with cilantro and lime |

Cilantro and lime really give this simple taco salad a delightful burst of southwestern flavor. I invented this recipe for a Christmas party at work.  It needed to be a healthy alternative to the heavy holiday foods that would be served, as well as gluten free for a coworker who might otherwise have very little [Read More]

Fabric Yo Yo Gift Cards

Fabric Yo Yo Gift Cards |

We’re back with a flashback fabric yo you project this morning.  These cards are really simple.  I say that a lot, but the truth is I really do love simple projects that are done quickly.  When I had little ones I loved projects that could be done and cleaned up during naptime.  Now I love [Read More]

Fresh Peanut Butter in Under 10 Minutes

Fresh Peanut Butter in Under 10 Minutes |

It was my sister who first introduced me to freshly ground peanut butter many years ago.  I loved the fresh flavor and the texture, but  I didn’t love using the grinding machine at the supermarket.  I ended up just buying whatever was on sale, trying really hard not to glance the list of ingredients so [Read More]

Easy Upcycled Decorative Storage Boxes

Easy Upcycled Decorative Storage Boxes | DIY |

As you are aware by now, I love really simple projects that look impressive, and these decorative storage boxes definitely qualify.  Upcylced from very utilitarian but not so pretty cardboard boxes, they provide a place to keep odds and ends close at hand without the usual clutter and chaos.  The cardboard containers I used were [Read More]

All Her Paths are Peace

Wisdom | Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace. - Proverbs 3:17 |

This is one of my favorite photos of one of my favorite stretches of my walk to work in the mornings.  This quiet little stairway in the side of the hill is lovely, it’s true.  More than that, I treasure this peaceful time and place for reflection and prayer in the morning.  It’s a very [Read More]

Five Book Series to Inspire Summer Adventures

5 Book Series to inspire summer adventures | Books for Young People |

I always looked forward to summer vacation as a child.  I looked forward to it even more as a mother of young children.  The freedom to explore and experience life with fewer boundaries and time constraints has always made it a little bit special.  My first reaction when researchers suggest continued educational exercises over the [Read More]

Of Boys, Dirt and Ducks – A Garden Tale

Of Boys, Dirt and Ducks - My favorite four-letter words of gardening |

Gardening may be one of the most romanticized hard-labor activities in literature.  There truly is something enchanting in the alchemy that combines soil and water and tiny little seeds to create marigolds, daisies and hollyhocks.  And homegrown tomatoes.  I used to think that the heady scents and delicious flavors of a garden were magical in spite [Read More]

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