Asparagus Awesomeness

Asparagus Awesomeness |

This week I’m continuing my celebration of spring with one of my very favorite spring vegetables, Asparagus. My husband came up with the name for this post when he saw me taking pictures of my plate of asparagus and asked if the photos were for my blog.  There you are, Amore Mio!  Your adoration for [Read More]

Jane Austen – Favorite Things Giveaway

Jane Austen Giveaway - Northanger Abbey & Persuasion |

What’s black and white and red all over? This beautiful book! April is one of my very favorite times of year.  In April I celebrate my birthday, my favorite holiday, and the return of cool breezes, blue skies and blossoms.  I adore April. To celebrate this year I wanted to do something really special.  I [Read More]

Apple Pecan Breakfast Crisp

Apple Pecan Breakfast Crisp | recipe from

I love cooking with oats, but am not overly fond of oatmeal.  I find the texture a little unappealing.  When I needed a quick and simple breakfast that was also healthy and filling, I knew I wanted to incorporate oats, but in a little different way.  After a little experimenting I came up with this [Read More]

Sweet Feet – Yo Yo Baby Socks

Sweet Feet Yo Yo Baby Socks |

It’s hard to think of anything cuter than little tiny baby feet, so I can truly say that these embellished socks are one of my favorite projects.  Even better, they are quick and easy to make, especially if you have a jar of fabric yo yos in your supplies! For each pair of socks you will [Read More]

Distressing Buttons in Three Easy Steps

Distressing Buttons in Three Easy Steps |

Have I mentioned that I love buttons?  And ink? Today we’ll explore what happens when two of my favorite things collide. I have a few go-to solutions for projects that need the special touch of a vintage button.  I’ve purchased some magnificent vintage buttons from Etsy shops in the past, and they are some of [Read More]

Irish Colcannon

Irish Colcannon Recipe | from

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day. . . Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t research this dish for St. Patrick’s Day.  I was actually reading a book in which Irish immigrants raved about their colcannon. I’m a book nerd. I had to try it.  The timing was simply a happy accident. In [Read More]

Unboxing Family Photos – 5 ways to dust off old albums

Unboxing Family Photos | Using old family photos in your favorite projects |

In generations past, one lucky family member would inherit old family photos.  The others could do little more than hope for a glance when visiting the fortunate photographic heirs.  As technology advanced it became easier to make copies of the treasured family photos, but quality copies were still relatively rare.  I feel so fortunate that [Read More]

A Bibliophile’s Kindle Confessions


It’s no secret that I love books. My dining room china cabinet is bursting with the beautiful books displayed there while my dishes stay hidden away in a dusty corner cupboard. Other dining room shelves display the overflow, and that’s just one little room. There’s hardly a room in the house that doesn’t contain a [Read More]

Why I love Salad In A Jar – A Pinterest Story

Why I Love Salad In A Jar |

A few years ago I stumbled across a pin on Pinterest that seemed just too good to be true.  I read Paula Rhodes’ suggestions at, and though  I was skeptical, I had to give it a try.  We are, after all, avid salad-eaters in our family, and I absolutely hated throwing out lettuce that [Read More]

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