Fabric Yo Yo Gift Cards

Fabric Yo Yo Gift Cards | www.bitsofivory.com

We’re back with a flashback fabric yo you project this morning.  These cards are really simple.  I say that a lot, but the truth is I really do love simple projects that are done quickly.  When I had little ones I loved projects that could be done and cleaned up during naptime.  Now I love [Read More]

Easy Upcycled Decorative Storage Boxes

Easy Upcycled Decorative Storage Boxes | DIY | www.bitsofivory.com

As you are aware by now, I love really simple projects that look impressive, and these decorative storage boxes definitely qualify.  Upcylced from very utilitarian but not so pretty cardboard boxes, they provide a place to keep odds and ends close at hand without the usual clutter and chaos.  The cardboard containers I used were [Read More]

Liberty Embroidery Pattern

Liberty Embroidery Pattern | Free Printable | www.bitsofivory.com

For our second Kickoff to Summer project I’m sharing one of my favorite embroidery patterns.  One of the things I love about this pattern is that it’s so very simple.  So simple, that if you need a quick but impressive gift, or reunion auction item, or patriotic touch for your patio you can whip it up pretty [Read More]

The Librarian’s Daughter – A Mother’s Day Tale

The Librarian's Daughter - A Mother's Day Tale plus printable bookmarks | www.bitsofivory.com

Once upon a time with just an apple and a book to keep her company, a young girl rode Babe the horse to a quiet spot for a heavenly, peaceful afternoon of literary adventure.  I hope she enjoyed it while it lasted. A few years later, with a whirlwind of children surrounding her, she must have desperately grasped [Read More]

Upcycled Keepsake Gift Tin in Three Easy Steps!

Upcycled Keepsake Gift Tin in 3 Easy Steps | www.bitsofivory.com

On Monday I shared a teacher appreciation gift idea and promised a fun presentation idea that’s pretty enough to be a gift all by itself.  These upcycled mint tins are a perfect fit for the clothespins I used for the magnets. As a bonus, a standard sized gift card also perfectly fits inside the lid!  [Read More]

Yo Yo Clothespin Magnets – for Teacher Appreciation

Yo Yo Clothespin Magnets for Teacher Appreciation | www.bitsofivory.com

It’s spring outside, and two of my favorite appreciation celebrations are right around the corner.  Carrie from A Mother’s Shadow and I teamed up to bring you two different takes on a pretty yet practical appreciation gift.  My magnets were made with Teacher Appreciation Week in mind, but can be easily adapted for anyone.  Carrie [Read More]

Sweet Feet – Yo Yo Baby Socks

Sweet Feet Yo Yo Baby Socks | www.bitsofivory.com

It’s hard to think of anything cuter than little tiny baby feet, so I can truly say that these embellished socks are one of my favorite projects.  Even better, they are quick and easy to make, especially if you have a jar of fabric yo yos in your supplies! For each pair of socks you will [Read More]

Distressing Buttons in Three Easy Steps

Distressing Buttons in Three Easy Steps | www.bitsofivory.com

Have I mentioned that I love buttons?  And ink? Today we’ll explore what happens when two of my favorite things collide. I have a few go-to solutions for projects that need the special touch of a vintage button.  I’ve purchased some magnificent vintage buttons from Etsy shops in the past, and they are some of [Read More]

Unboxing Family Photos – 5 ways to dust off old albums

Unboxing Family Photos | Using old family photos in your favorite projects | www.bitsofivory.com

In generations past, one lucky family member would inherit old family photos.  The others could do little more than hope for a glance when visiting the fortunate photographic heirs.  As technology advanced it became easier to make copies of the treasured family photos, but quality copies were still relatively rare.  I feel so fortunate that [Read More]

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